The SENER Group and the Amper Group join forces to develop and market platform technology for floating offshore wind

Madrid (Spain), 20 January 2022 

The Amper Group, through its subsidiary Nervión Naval-Offshore, and SENER Renewable Investments. A part of the SENER engineering and technology group has inked. A collaboration agreement to develop and sell platform technology for floating offshore wind power turbines.

Offshore Wind Floating Semi-Submersible Steel Platform

SENER and Amper will collaborate to develop and sell a semi-submersible floating steel platform. Designed offshore wind turbines with capacities greater than 15 megawatts (MW).

Hive Wind Prototype Development is the second heading.

Hive Wind, the prototype, is now in the engineering development phase and is testing. A scale model in the IHCantabria wave tank to assess its hydrodynamic performance.

Details of Collaboration and Contributions

This relationship encompasses several Amper Group business groups.SENER Renewable Investments benefiting from contributions from SENER Engineering.

Offshore Wind Floating and Combating Climate Change

The collaboration between SENER and Amper, according to Miguel Domingo, General Manager of SENER Renewable Investments. Enable the development of Hive Wind, offering a highly competitive and innovative product that contributes. The growth of offshore wind energy and the global fight against climate change.

Capitalizing on Expertise and Synergies

The relationship with SENER, according to Roberto Bouzas, General Manager of Nervión Naval Offshore, enables them. Exploit their engineering skills and experience in the field obtained over the previous six years.

 Design Optimisation for offshore floating wind power

Amper and SENER  want to optimize the design of floating structures. Hive wind can be mass-produced at a low cost. Answering the expected future demand for such structures.

SENER Information

SENER is a private engineering and technology firm created in 1956 that is noted for its dedication to innovation and excellence. Employs nearly 2,400 people across five continents and works in a variety of industries. Including infrastructure, energy, aerospace, and renewable investments.

Additional Information

For additional information, please contact SENER Communication’s Oihana Casas at (+34) 918077318 or (+34) 679314085.